Board of Directors & By-Laws

Current - Board of Directors

President: Darrell Epps             
Secretary: Ashley Johnson       
Treasurer: Milton Scales          

Consulting Board members (non-voting):

Military Commander: Eric Johnson

11th Texas Cavalry Dismounted
July 26, 2014


a. The purpose of 11th Texas Cavalry Dismounted (hereafter 11th Texas) is to further the public’s awareness and understanding of Texas history from colonial times through the War Between the States and up to the turn of the century.  11th Texas performs this function by:

a.i. Sponsoring training and certification programs (Schools) that teach proper dress, skills, drills and safety.
a.ii. Performing and sponsoring research on Texas history and the role it played in the United States history from the Colonial Period through the Western Expansion Period
a.iii. Helping fund historical site restoration and preservation projects
a.iv. Working with other organizations with similar objectives and goals to establish, organize, sponsor and participate in living history encampments and reenactments of historical events.
a.v. Engaging in other activities related to raising the public’s awareness and understanding of Texas history


a. Board of Directors (hereafter Board)

a.i. Administrative responsibilities for ordinary 11th Texas business functions shall rest with the Board
a.ii. The Board shall define the requirements and limitations for the Organization to indemnify directors, officers, members or others related to the Organization
a.iii. The board is responsible to maintain the by-laws
a.iv. The Board shall consist of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Event Coordinator

b. Roles for Board members shall be as follows:

b.i. Board (as a whole)
b.i.1. To appoint a committee to have the books audited annually, prior to the summer meetings at which time the results are to be presented and published in the minutes.
b.ii. President
b.ii.1. Signatory on official correspondence regarding 11th Texas with Local, State and Federal jurisdictions.
b.ii.2. Preside and chair board meetings
b.iii. Vice President
b.iii.1. Acting President in the absence of the President
b.iii.2. Fulfill any duties assigned by the President
b.iv. Treasurer
b.iv.1. Maintain the financial records of 11th Texas
b.iv.2. Collect dues (see Article IX) and other moneys.  Log them and send an updated list to the Secretary
b.iv.3. Prepare a budget (as outlined in Article XI)
b.iv.4. Fund approved payments on behalf of 11th Texas
b.iv.5. Provide a quarterly financial report and send out to members
b.iv.6. Make deposits
b.iv.7. Maintain an inventory of 11th Texas tangible assets

b.v. Secretary
b.v.1. Maintain the formal archive of business proceeding for 11th Texas and send out meeting minutes to members.
b.v.2. Make and send out membership cards after dues are paid (updated list sent from Treasurer)
b.v.3. Maintain current roster of membership and distribute quarterly
b.v.4. Hold the manual containing these by-laws Event Coordinator Maintain organization schedule and send updates to members Send information on upcoming events to members

c. Structure

c.i. There shall be two (2) divisions within 11th Texas as follows:
c.i.1. Military/Cadet
c.i.2. Civilian
c.ii. The structure and function of these divisions of 11th Texas shall be defined in the Membership Handbook for the 11th Texas Cavalry Dismounted (hereafter Handbook)
c.iii. In accordance with the Handbook, Civilian division may appoint a non-voting representative to the Board.
c.iii.1. This representative shall be a Member in Good Standing (Section III)
c.iii.2. At least 18 years of age.


a. 11th Texas membership shall be defined by the timely payment of dues and by the faithful compliance with the objectives and purposes stated in the Handbook.  This condition shall be defined as a Member in Good Standing.
b. Membership applications should be submitted to the Board

b.i. The Board will approve by majority vote all membership applications
b.ii. Upon accepting of the application the dues will be assessed
b.iii. Current members may be removed for just cause by a unanimous vote by the Board


a. A member of 11th Texas shall have one vote provided they are:

a.i. Currently a Member in Good Standing
a.ii. The age of 16 or older
a.iii. Actively participating in 11th Texas events
a.iv. Up to date on current year dues
a.v. New members paying dues after February 1st establish voting status provided they comply with item (i) of this section


a. In accepting membership to 11th Texas, an individual acknowledges his or her commitment to accede to the good of the organization as well as the principles and objectives highlighted in section I of this document
b. Individuals also acknowledge a responsibility to:

b.i. Attend official events as diligently as possible
b.ii. Be as authentic as practical in his or her historical interpretation
b.iii. Actively acquire and share period technical and cultural information with other members of 11th Texas, institutions and schools


a. All persons in the board of directors, in the civilian impressions and military impressions whom shall hold an official position in the club shall be elected by secret written or email ballot submitted to the election committee in accordance with the prescribed procedures of the election committee.

a.i. All ballots will be collected by the election committee, tabulated and reported to the club at the annual meeting.
a.ii. The numerical results of the vote showing the name of the candidate and the number of votes received will be posted via email to each member and also announced immediately after the conclusion of the election at the annual meeting.
a.iii. Ballots will be retained for a period of 14 days and available for recount, after which they will be destroyed by the committee chairman.

b. On April 1st the Board shall appoint and Election Committee (hereafter Committee) composed of three (3) members.  They will also appoint a Committee Chairman.
c. On April 1st the Secretary shall email this information to all Members in Good Standing to let them know who to email their nominations to.
d. Nominations for elected office shall be sent to ALL 3 of the Committee through April 15th
e. The Committee chairman will then notify the Secretary names and positions of all nominees. 
f. Secretary will email all Members in Good Standing ballots on April 16th.
g. Those not attending the annual meeting may email or mail their ballot to the (3) committee members.  Those attending the meeting will vote at the meeting.
h. Completed ballots must be returned to the Committee by midnight, (3) days prior to the annual meeting.
i. Committee members who are subsequently nominated will be replaced on the Committee.
j. The duties of the Committee shall be limited to soliciting and receiving nominations, determining the eligibility of members to hold office, resolving and disputes as to eligibility to vote or hold office and overseeing the election of the Board.  The Committee, as a group, shall neither nominate nor endorse any candidate for office.
k. A quorum will consist of no less than 25% of all Members in Good Standing in attendee at regular scheduled meeting to conduct business.


a. The term of office for the Board shall expire after two (2) years with the following offices on alternating 2 year terms.

a.i. President, Secretary and Treasurer on same terms
a.ii. Vice President and Event Coordinator on same terms

b. Board members may succeed themselves in office if re-nominated and win by majority vote of membership


a. There shall be at least one (1) meeting held each year for the conduct of business.  The meeting shall be held during the summer in order to plan the following year’s activities and review the Treasurer’s Report (paragraph XI).  The meeting shall be announced by email to the general membership and is open to the general membership.
b. The meeting shall be conducted in accordance with parliamentary procedure (Roberts Rules of Order)
c. A copy of the minutes of the previous meeting, Treasurer’s report, proposed budget and inventory of assets shall be presented at the annual meeting for review and ratification.  Should a meeting be in addition to the required annual meeting; the previous minutes shall be presented for ratification.
d. In addition to the yearly business meeting, there shall be held annually a social during January, in period clothing to foster friendship, camaraderie and esprit de corps.  A meeting may be held at this time if found necessary.


a. Shall be assessed from each member/family yearly in an amount to be determined by the Board.

a.i. Any changes in the annual dues shall become effective at the beginning of the annual dues period for current members or upon acceptance from new membership.

b. Dues shall be payable to 11th Texas Cavalry 11th Texas no later than February 1st each year.
c. The amount of dues to be paid annually shall be as follows:

c.i. Individual Membership; $25.00
c.ii. Family Membership; $35.00 (parents and children, living at home, under the age of 18)

d. Payment by new members joining in October to December will apply to the following year.


a. Any member may lodge a grievance against another member.  The grievance must be filed in writing to the President who will solicit a response from the accused in writing.
b. The accused will be notified by registered mail within 30 days.  This letter will include a hearing date, place and time.
c. Remaining board members shall investigate the potential grievance
d. The board will determine what sanctions shall be applied, if any
e. The member against whom the grievance is filed will have the opportunity to be present at the hearing to discuss the issues in questions.
f. Validity of the grievance will be determined at this hearing.  Grievance will result in sanctions against the member involved as determined by a simple majority of the board.
g. Sanctions available to Board members will include:

g.i. Caution for less serious offences
g.ii. Dismissal for serious grievances (members name shall be removed from the roster of 11th Texas)
g.iii. Orders determined by the board


a. Prior to the required annual summer meeting, the Treasurer shall prepare a budget for 11th Texas.  This budget shall include, but not limited to the following:

a.i. Current balance sheet showing assets and liabilities
a.ii. Review of previous years income and expenditures
a.iii. Projections of income and expenditures for the coming year
a.iv. Identification of any extraordinary financial items expected in the coming year

b. This budget is to be prepared with the aid and guidance of the Board with additional information provided by the non-voting Military and Civilian representatives as needed.
c. Audit results to also be presented


a. The Treasurer shall establish and maintain a checking account for conducting normal, prudent organization business.

a.i. This checking account shall be configured such that any single draft in excess of $500.00 shall require two signatures.

b. Internet access for account management
c. Any non-budgeted expenditure in excess of $500.00 shall require Board approval.  Pres. has the authority to extend up to $500.00 total funds for unexpected needs for the organization.
d. Signatories shall provide receipts to the Treasurer for any expenditure in order to receive reimbursement.  Treasurer shall endeavor to reasonably expedite reimbursement.


a. 11th Texas intends to support the Civil War Museum in Spring, Texas.