The History of the 11th Texas Cavalry Regiment

Officers (alphabetical)Bone, Henry F., Major
Bounds, Joseph Murry, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel
Burke (or Burks), John C., Colonel
Diamond, James J., Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel
Hooks, Robert W., Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel
Mayrant, John W., Major
Messick, Otis M., Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel
Nicholson, Andrew J., Lieutenant Colonel
Puryear, John B., Major
Reeves, George R., Colonel
Young, William C. Colonel

The 11th Texas Cavalry was organized by Willam C. Young in Grayson County during the summer of 1861. Young had been a former United States Senator. At least one company of the regiment (Co. E) had seen state service earlier in 1861, and had been present at the surrender of Forts Washita, Arbuckle, and Cobb.

The companies were as follows:

Companies A&B, men from Cooke County;
Company C, Grayson County;
Company D, Hopkins Co.;
Company E, Red River Co.;
Company F, Fannin Co.;
Company G, Collin County;
Company H, Hunt Co.;
Company I, Titus County;
Company K, Bowie County

Like almost all Civil War units, the 11th was often known by an alternate designation, usually derived from the name of its current commanding officer, or the man who was authorized to raise the regiment. Unofficial names for the 11th included: Young's Cavalry, Reeve's Cavalry, etc..

The Eleventh served west of the Mississippi River until the spring of 1862. Transferring east of the Mississippi, it served there for the remainder of it's career. The 11th was one of the most frequently engaged of all the Texas units.  Records have been found showing that it participated in more than one hundred and fifty various type engagements during its long career. The listing identifies these.

The following is a listing of the dates and type of actions the 11th Texas Cavalry was involved in, and which command it was assigned to at the time.

July 23, 1861 Assigned to the Department of the Indian Territory.

Dec 21, 1861 Garrison duty at Fort Smith, Arkansas, Dept. of Arkansas.
Dec, 29th Operations against Hopo-eith-le-yo-la, Indian Territory.
Jan 31, 1862 Second Brigade, McCulloch's Division, Dept. of Arkansas.
Mar 6-8 The Battle of Pea Ridge, Bentonville, Leetown, and Elkhorn, AR.
Mar 11, 1862 First Brigade, McCulloch's Division, Dept of Arkansas.
Mar 17, 1862 Second Cavalry Brigade, First Division, Army of the West.
Apr 29, 1862 First Brigade, McCown's Division, Army of the West.
Apr 29-May 30 Operations against the Advance on Corinth, MS.
May 30-Jun 12 Retreat to Booneville,MS.
Aug 30 The Battle of Richmond, KY (Mount Zion Church).
Sep 1 Engagement at White's Farm and Richmond, KY.
Oct 31, 1862 Second Brigade, Second Division, Right Wing, Army of Mississippi.
Nov 20, 1862 Second Brigade, Second Division, Dept. of East Tennessee.
Dec 26-30 Operations against the Advance on Murfreesborough, TN.
Dec 28 Skirmish at Perkin's Mill on Elk River, TN.
Dec 30 Engagement at Parker's Crossroads, TN.
Dec 31, 1862 First Brigade, McCown's Division, Hardee's Corps, Army of Tennessee.
Dec 31-Jan 3 The Battle at Stone's River, Murfreesborough, TN.
Jan 21, 1863 Wharton's Brigade, Cavalry, Army of Tennessee.
Apr 10 Affair at Hadley's Bend and Hurricane Creek, TN.
Apr 10 Skirmish at Harpeth River near Franklin, TN.
May 12-16 Reconnaissance From Murfreesborough to Lebanon and Liberty, TN.
Jun 4-5 Scout from Smithville, TN. Skirmishes.
Jun 23-Jul 7 Tullahoma Campaign (Central) TN.
Jun 27 Actions at Fosterville, Guy's Gap, and Shelbyville, TN.
Jun 30 Skirmish at Butler's Mill, near Buck Lodge, TN.
Jul 1-2 Skirmishes at Bethpage, Rock Creek Ford, Pelham, Elk River Bridge and Jones' Ford. Elk River, TN.
Aug 12 Skirmish at the Junction of Larkin's Fork and Point Rock River, TN.
Aug 16-Sep 19 Occupation of Middle Tennessee, Passage of the Cumberland Mountains.
Sep 19-21 The Battle of Chickamauga, GA.
Sep 21, 1863 Second Brigade, Wharton's Division, Cavalry Corps, Army of Tennessee.
Sep 26 Skirmish at Hiwassee, TN.
Sep 30, 1863 First Brigade, First (Wharton's) Division, Wheeler's Cavalry Corps, Army of Tennessee.
Sep 30-Oct 17 Wheeler's and Roddey's Raid on Rosencrans' Communications, above Chattanooga, TN.
Oct 6 Skirmish at Shelbyville, TN.
Oct 7 Actions at Farmington, and Sims' Farm near Shelbyville, TN.
Nov 4 Action at Huff's Ferry, TN.
Nov 5-Dec 23 The Knoxville Campaign, TN.
Nov 16 Engagement at Campbell's Station, TN.
Nov 17-20 Skirmishes at, and about, Kingston, TN.
Nov 21-Dec 4 The Siege on Knoxville, TN.
Dec 31, 1863 Harrison's Brigade, Armstrong's Division, Cavalry Corps, Army of Tennessee.
Jan 10 Skirmish near Mossy Creek, TN.
Jan 12 Skirmish near Mossy Creek, TN.
Jan 13 Skirmish near Colliersville, TN.
Jan 16-17 Operations about Danridgem, TN.
Jan 27 Engagement near Fair Garden, TN.
Feb 14 Affair at Larkinsville, AL.
April 31, 1864 Harrison's Brigade, Hume's Division, Cavalry Corps, Army of Tennessee.
May 1 - Sep 8 The Atlanta Campaign.
May 9 Action at Varnell Station, GA.
May 18 Skirmish at Pine Log Church, GA.
May 24 Skirmishes at Cassville and Cass Station, GA.
May 31 Skirmish at Marietta Road, GA.
Jun 3-4 Skirmishes at Ackworth, and Big Shanty, GA.
Jun 6 Skirmish at Big Shanty, GA.
Jun 12 Skirmish at Ackworth, GA.
Jun 13 Skirmish at Burnt Hickory, GA.
Jun 19 Action at Noonday Creek, GA.
Jun 20 Action at Noonday Church, GA.
Jun 23 Combat near Marietta, GA.
Jun 24 Action at Lafayette, GA.
Jul 11 Skirmish at Decatur Road, GA.
Jul 12-14 Skirmishes at Campbellton, GA.
Jul 16-22 Skirmishes at Turner's Ferry, GA.
Jul 27-31 Operations against McCook's Raid on the Atlanta & West Point RR, and the Macon and West Point RR, GA.
Aug 14-15 Action at Dalton, GA.
Aug 29 Skirmish at Liberty, TN.
Aug 29 Skirmish at Liberty ,TN.
Aug 31 Skirmishes at Block Houses #s 4 & 5, Nashville and Chattanooga RR, and Clifton, TN.
Sep 1 Skirmishes at Clifton and LaVergne, TN.
Sep 1-8 Hard ride to join and fight (detached) with Wheeler.
Sep 2 Skirmish at Franklin, TN.
Sep 4 Skirmish at Nashville & North RR, TN.
Sep 5 Skirmish at Campbellsville, TN.
Sep 6 Skirmish at Lawrenceburg, TN.
Sep 7 Skirmish at Readyville, TN.
Sep 8 Skirmish at Lexington, TN.
Sep 9-12 Hardride and fight back to unit.
Sep 9 Skirmish at Shoal Creek, AL.
Sep 10-11 Skirmishes at Florence, AL.
Sep 29, 186 Joined Hood's Operations in Northern Georgia and Northern Alabama.
Oct 17 Skirmish at Rome, GA.
Oct 18 Skirmish at Tryon Factory, and Ruff's Station, GA.
Oct 19 Skirmish at Eaglesville, AL.
Oct 20 Skirmish at Little River, AL.
Oct 21 Action at Leesburg, and a skirmish at Drove Road Crossing, AL.
Oct 22 Skirmish at Round Mountain Ironworks, AL.
Oct 23 Skirmishes at King's Hill, near Gadsden, and Turkeytown, AL.
Oct 25 Skirmish near Round Mountain, AL.
Oct 26 Skirmish near Goshen, AL.
Nov 15 - Dec 10 The Campaign Against Savannah (Sherman's March to the Sea).
Nov 21-23 Skirmishes around Clinton, GA.
Dec 1 Skirmish at Louisville, GA.
Dec 2 Skirmish at Buckhead Church, GA.
Dec 5 Skirmish at Statesboro, GA.
Dec 7 Skirmishes at Eden Station, Jenk's Bridge, And the Ogeechee River, GA.
Dec 8 Skirmishes at Ebeneze Church, Bryan's Courthouse, Montieth Swamp, and saw action in Harrison's Field, GA.
Dec 9 Skirmish at Cuyler's Plantation, GA.
Dec 10-21 The Siege on Savannah.
Dec 10 Skirmish near Springfield, GA.
Jan 19 During ride to join Harrison's Brigade, skirmish at Savannah Road, SC.
Jan 31, 1865 Harrison's Brigade, Hume's Division, Cavalry Corps, Dept of So. Carolina, Georgia and Florida.
Feb 2 Skirmish at Pocataligo Road, SC.
Feb 6 Skirmishes near Barnwell, at Cowpens Ferry, and at the Little Salkahatchie River, SC.
Feb 7 Skirmish at Edisto Railroad Bridge, SC.
Feb 8 Skirmishes at Walker's (Edisto) Bridge, Cannon's Bridge, and the South Ediston River, SC.
Feb 9 Skirmish at Holman's Bridge, SC.
Feb 10 Skirmishes at Orangeburg, and Johnson's Station, SC.
Feb 11 Action at Johnson's Station, SC.
Feb 14 Skirmishes at Gunter's Bridge, and the North Edisto River, SC.
Feb 15 Skirmishes at Bates Ferry on the Congaree River, and at Two Leagues Cossroads near Lexington, SC.
Feb 17 Skirmishes at Broad River, and Winnsboro, SC.
Feb 19 Skirmish at Wadesboro, SC.
Feb 20 Skirmish at Youngsville, SC.
Feb 22-24 Skirmishes near and at Camden, SC.
Feb 26 Skirmish at Lynch's Creek, SC.
Mar 2-3 Skirmishes along Thompson's Creek, near Chesterfield, and Cheraw, SC.
Mar 6-7 Skirmishes near Cheraw, Wadesboro, and Rockingham, NC.
Mar 10 Skirmish at Monroe's Crossroads, NC.
Mar 11 Skirmish at Fayetteville, NC.
Mar 13 Skirmishes at Fayetteville and Silver Run, NC.
Mar 14 Operations against reconnaissance from Fayetteville on the Raleigh Road to Silver Run Creek, NC.
Mar 15 Skirmish at Smiths Mill, NC.
Mar 16 Battle of Averysborough (Taylor's Hole Creek), NC.
Mar 17 Skirmish near Averysborough, NC.
Mar 18 Skirmish at Bushy Swamp, NC.
Mar 19-21 Battle of Bentonville, NC.
April 9, 1865 Harrison's Brigade, Hume's Division, Cavalry Corps, Army of Tennessee.
Apr 10 Skirmish at Nahunta Station, NC.
Apr 11 Skirmish at Beulah, NC.
Apr 12-13 Skirmishes around Raleigh, NC.
Apr 14 Skirmishes near and at Morrissville, NC.
Apr 15 Skirmish near Chapel Hill, NC.
April 26, 1865 Surrender at Bennett's House, Durham Station, North Carolina.

During the War, 1861 to 1865, five hundred men served in Reeve's 11th Texas. Of these brave men, only fifty returned to their homes in Cook and Grayson counties. They fought in over one hundred and fifty engagements from Texas to Georgia, and actively opposed Sherman during his "march to the sea." No information has been found that indicates exactly how many members of the Eleventh were still with it when the Army of Tennessee surrendered in late April, 1865. It appears probable, however, that on the basis of the hardships of the last year of the War, only about fifty officers and enlisted men were still with the unit when it finally laid down it's arms. Further historic information, an insight into what these gallant men faced upon returning home, may be found