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Governor Abbott Praises Texas Economy and Business Climate at Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting | Texas Governor’s Office

October 12, 2021 | Austin, TX | Press release

Governor Greg Abbott spoke today at the annual meeting of the Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce. During his remarks, Governor Abbott extolled the strength of the economy and the business climate in Texas and thanked the Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce for its tremendous work in creating jobs and for the growth of its local economy. The Governor also congratulated the Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce for being recognized as one of the top 2% chambers in the nation by the United States Chamber of Commerce, and commended the Port of Beaumont for its significant contributions to the state of the Texas by making the state the leader. in exporting nationwide for 19 years.

The governor was joined in the meeting by Texas Parks and Wildlife Commissioner Richard Scott, Congressman Randy Weber, State Senator Brandon Creighton, State Representative Joe Deshotel, County Judge of Jefferson Jeff Branick, Beaumont Mayor Robin Moutin and other local leaders.

“More and more great companies are moving to Texas every day because of our welcoming business climate and young, growing, skilled and diverse workforce, but this wouldn’t be possible without the help great organizations like the Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce,” Governor Abbott said. “The Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce works tirelessly alongside business leaders to create better economic opportunities for people across the city every day. southeast Texas, and I want to thank them for their hard work and dedication to making Texas the best place to live, work, raise, raise a family, and do business.