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Governor Abbott Talks Texas Economy and Supply Chain Issues in RGV

BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) – Governor Greg Abbott is visiting the Valley today to discuss the state’s economy and supply chain issues affecting Texas.

“These ports, they create thousands of well-paying jobs, they’re critical to the supply chain issues we face today,” Abbott said.

Supply chain issues always impact businesses and consumers. During Governor Greg Abbott’s visit to the Port of Brownsville, he shared ways to increase productivity.

“The main thing we can do is ramp up oil and gas production in this last month in Texas to an all-time high production of all gas again in March as well as April. and Texas. is doing its part to reduce the cost of energy and provide more energy, to power it could be ships, it could be vehicles, anyway trucks.

With the cargo backlog, Abbott is also discussing plans to move ships through the Panama Canal so that Texas ports are used more.

“You see all of these items lined up for months waiting to enter a California port when in reality they can deliver their goods much faster if they were able to ship them through the Panama Canal and get to in the ports of Texas.”

Brownsville port officials have said in the past that they are not equipped to handle freighters loaded with cargo, electronics and similar goods.

Another govt problem. Abbott tackles trucker shortages.

“Last year there were about 1,200 trucks passing through this port every day, we are working to train these drivers, to get their permits, to put them on the road, to accelerate the economy in this region.”

Abbott’s latest focus was clean energy, adding that if all permits were granted, an LNG facility could open soon. he says it will meet the need for energy.