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Livestock markets slow during scorching summer days – RealAgriculture

As we approach the second half of July (!!), what many consider to be the scorching days of summer have arrived.

It seems the cattle markets would agree.

In the southern United States, Texas trade is lower than it has been at $136, Anne Wasko says in this week’s beef market update.

In the northern US, it’s a similar story – with some of the premium coming out of this market $2-4 lower this week – putting the price at $137 to $143 live and $225 at $232 dressed.

“We’re closing that gap that we were talking about a few weeks ago, as other areas become mainstream as well,” Wasko says.

As for the wholesale markets, the cutout price remains fairly stable this week, with a pick just below $268.

“For this time of year, a steady outage – it’s been really noisy for a while – is a pleasant surprise. It tells us that it’s still moving at these levels,” she says.

In Western Canada, the Alberta cash market stabilized at a lower dollar on a dressed basis, falling to around $292 delivered, Wasko notes.

“CanFax’s average will probably be around $174.5. Last week it was $175. Not a very exciting week all around, but we lost some ground. Given the schedule, it’s not a big surprise.

Check out the full conversation with RealAg Radio host Shaun Haney and Anne Wasko below: