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Public Affairs: How Local Farmers’ Markets Benefit Communities by Mattison Holland

As in the rest of the country, farmers markets have always been part of the East Texas tradition. These markets offer an assortment of products to meet the most random needs. They can come in handy when looking for essentials such as locally grown produce, fresh meat, flowers for a sweetheart, or even some baked goods.

Farmers’ markets are very beneficial to communities. They can provide towns with supplies that nearby grocery stores may lack.

Not only do these markets provide their customers with necessities like fresh fruits and vegetables, but they also sell items like homemade produce, honey, gardening tools, and a few other useful things.

Street markets generally do not operate in any particular way. However, most of the time, farmers or anyone offering business in these markets park their car and sell from the trunk or even have a table. These events also operate under small tents for each vendor.

One of the real benefits of farmers’ markets for districts is creating a sense of community. These markets allow people to meet and spend time with friends. They can even be an excuse to socialize with other neighbors or take a walk with friends.

According to the Pecan Squares website, a 2012 study in Texas found that when farmers’ market stalls were set up near low-income communities, fruit and vegetable consumption increased significantly. Community markets reduce barriers to healthy eating for people living nearby.¨

Farmers markets are known for selling purely fresh produce and as far as research goes, they are pretty reliable when it comes to this factor. The products are said to be fresh, and the fruits and vegetables are abundant in taste, color, size, etc.

Because you buy directly from local farmers and producers, the products are healthier to consume. For example, the fruits and vegetables located in your neighborhood supermarket are probably full of dyes or some other substance with which they were injected before being placed on the shelves.

When you bring home produce from the farmer’s market, “soak it in a solution of salt or white vinegar for a few minutes and wipe it dry. Or scrub with baking soda and rinse with warm water. Peeling fruits and vegetables is the best way to make them safe to eat.¨ says the Hindustan Times.

While we can’t always trust the local grocery store to supply us with pure produce, we can certainly rely on our local farmers. After all, farmers markets can be a fun excuse to get away from home for a bit.

So whatever the need, be sure to check out your local farmer’s market because you might find exactly what you’re looking for.

By Mattison Holland

Mattison Holland