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Samsung smartphone update focuses on Chinese and Korean markets

Over the years, Samsung has maintained an excellent pace in system updates. In addition to major Android OS and One UI upgrades, Samsung has also released monthly updates for many Galaxy phones and tablets. However, some reports indicate that Samsung does not pay much attention to the monthly update log. In this regard (monthly updates), Samsung seems to focus more on the Korean and Chinese markets.

According to reports, the Galaxy S22 series received over 1.5 GB of updates in June. However, the changelog in many regions only contains one sentence. The change log only shows “improve the overall stability of the smartphone“.

In Korean and Chinese markets, Samsung mobile phone system update always lists detailed update logs. At this time, we cannot say why there is a significant difference in the system update changelog. The Galaxy S22 Ultra recently pushed the One UI system update patch. The version number is S9080ZCU2AVF1 / S9080CHC2AVF1 / S9080ZCU2AVF1 and the download package size is 1275.47 MB. Just like other recent updates, there are no details about what the update brings.

US company accuses Samsung of infringing 5 wireless communication patents

A few days ago, MIMO Research filed a lawsuit in court for the Eastern District of Texas. The company accuses Samsung Electronics of infringing five patents in the field of wireless communications. According to reports, MIMO Research classifies the Samsung Galaxy S21 series as counterfeit devices. Licences include multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) communication devices, dual-mode ultra-wideband wireless LAN communication, and other wireless communication methods.

MIMO Research also points out in the lawsuit that Samsung Electronics intentionally infringes its own patents. Further, he claims that Samsung infringes the patent in the commercialization, marketing, sales, distribution, testing and service of the products. MIMO Research is currently seeking declaratory relief from the court.