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Texas Tech students return, bringing much-needed boost to Lubbock’s economy

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) — More than 42,000 Texas Tech students are returning this week, bringing revenue to local businesses and traffic to the streets of Lubbock.

Local business leaders say these students are having a huge impact on Lubbock’s economy. They make up a large part of the workforce and help generate revenue for many businesses.

John Osborne, CEO of Lubbock Economic Development Alliance, said, “It’s really an exciting time for our community because you have a returning workforce. You have people who want to work part-time and continue to work while they go to school and you also have people who come in and go buy things.

Students shop for necessities, eat out, and, of course, attend Texas Tech sporting events. These sporting events bring families and other visitors to Lubbock from across the state and country to spend money on local businesses and hotels.

Many businesses across from campus are already experiencing a peak of activity before classes even start.

Stephanie Massengale, owner of The Matador, says: “It’s a big plus for us, a big boost in sales when they all come back. They come back to move in and they have to decorate all their dorms and apartments, so it’s really a good thing.

As Texas Tech continues to grow in admissions, Lubbock’s economy is also growing, which means more housing, stores, and restaurants.

Osborne says most new businesses that come to Lubbock hope graduate students will stay in Lubbock to start their careers, growing the workforce and our economy.

John Osborne says: “What we find is that the clients we work with, when considering expanding into Lubbock, whether it’s an existing growing business or a new company in town and looking to establish operations here, one of the first things they ask of us is graduates and the type of graduates we get from our universities.

Texas Tech students will begin classes this Thursday.