Texas economy

The Democrats destroyed the American economy! But also are the economies of Georgia, Florida and Texas booming?

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Before you start: I don’t know what Vladimir Putin’s announcement about moving to “partial mobilization” means, but it probably means Something.

Putin claims he will mobilize 300,000 reservists. Indeed, he undertakes in pot towards Ukraine. Two things strike me:

(1) This mobilization will probably not work. In America, we hear “calling up 300,000 reservists” and we have ideas about the professionalism, skill and commitment of those reserves, and the speed and degree to which they can be successfully integrated into frontline forces. existing.

Russia is not the United States.

Mark Hertling rings that bell in a wire here. Even getting 300,000 reservists into combat seems like something Russia may not be able to do in the short term. But whatever reserves they manage to confront, they will be even worse trained, equipped and motivated than the existing (decimated) conscript force.

Not a recipe for success.

At this point, Russia’s best opportunity to turn the tide probably involves the use of strategic weapons. And that comes with its own particular risks.

(2) This mobilization perhaps says more about Putin’s position internally than about the tactical situation on the ground in Ukraine.

I don’t know if that means Putin’s grip is strong or weak. You can read it both ways. But I suspect we are past the point where Ukraine is on Ukraine. The object of this conflict now seems to be the survival of the Putin regime.

I am very confused as to what Republicans think about the state of the US economy.

For instance, this is trump Last weekend:

People get wiped out. . . . Soaring food, energy and electricity prices are blowing up family budgets, crushing small businesses and causing shortages, suffering, chaos and despair. . . . The economy is collapsing. Your 401k is collapsing. . . .

Under the Trump administration, we had the largest economy in the history of the world without inflation. Biden and the Democratic Congress have created the worst inflation in 50 years and it’s going to get worse. . .

But you will see that 9.1% will skyrocket. And that’s a huge number. It hadn’t been more than 50 years since we had had such a number. And then, as the socialist spending spree throws America into a recession. We are now in a recession.

That sounds pretty bad! A bit like the American carnage.

But Governor Brian Kemp said that the economy in Georgia has been great under his leadership:

In Georgia, we have protected both lives and livelihoods during the global pandemic. We passed historic tax cuts, raised teacher salaries and brought the two largest economic development projects in state history to Georgia. We’ve created record jobs, kept politics out of the classroom and out of our ballparks. We brought violent criminals to justice, invested more money in our schools and secured our elections.

In Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis can’t stop talking about how amazing the economy is:

Fortunately, we will be able to meet our challenges with an incredibly favorable fiscal outlook and strong economic performance that has weathered adverse domestic headwinds. . .

Florida also leads the nation in business start-ups, which have grown 61% since I took office in 2019. In 2021, Florida saw 114,000 more new businesses than second-place California. , even though California has a 40% larger population.

Freedom works. Our economy is the envy of the nation. And the state is well prepared to withstand future economic turbulence.

And Governor Greg Abbott thinks the Texas economy is quite good:

Governor Greg Abbott spoke today at the East Parker County Chamber of Commerce luncheon in Hudson Oaks. During his remarks, the Governor defended the robust economy and the strength of the Texas workforce. . . .

“Entrepreneurs and innovators are the leaders and job creators that make Texas an economic powerhouse,” Governor Abbott said. “From ranching to the energy industry to commercial real estate and more, the Lone Star State offers the American dream to Texans in every facet of our economy. Texas is the best state in the country to live, work, do business, and raise a family thanks to business leaders like those who accompany me today.

So . . . Which is it?